About us

Atelfond Metal Working: All Your Metal Working Needs

From the smallest mechanical parts and components to the largest metal constructions, Atelfond Metal Working will create what you need.  Whether it involves turning and shaping or drilling and cutting, Atelfond is a specialist in machining techniques.  And we don’t stop there.  We also weld steel structures for you.  This is a unique combination for a metal working company – one which guarantees you a short turnaround time and a finished product that conforms to the highest quality standards.  For your production fleet, we provide full repair and maintenance services.

Your Design Made by Our Industrial Design and Drafting Service

Do you need design and drafting of new machine parts and components, and metal constructions?  It takes knowledge and the utmost precision.  When it comes to adjustments and improvements to your machines, you need preliminary designs and plans.  Make a call to Atelfond and our industrial design and drafting service.  Together with you, we look for the best design.  We take even the smallest details into account to provide you with a design that is certain to meet the highest demands.

Own Transport Service: Quick Pick-up, Transport and Delivery Services

Would you prefer your defective machine was repaired at Atelfond?  Or would you like us to supply some highly-specific machine parts?  Since you certainly don’t want to wait, it’s a good thing Atelfond has its own transport service!  You’re not dependent on anyone else.  And you can be sure that your pick-up and delivery will be immediate.

Would you like more information about our metal working services?  Would you like to make the most of our Industrial Design and Drafting or transport services?  Contact us now!