Metal Working for All Your Steel Constructions

When you need metal working for machine parts and metal constructions, you want to work with the best.  And that means  Atelfond.  With CNC-controlled machines, we work, process and manipulate all your steel structures.  From manipulating, to cutting and drilling.  Our specialty?  Turing, moulding and cutting work.  And don’t forget welding - we will make all your smaller metal constructions without a problem.  Are you looking for metal working for larger metal structures?  We will gladly alter them, even if they are up to 4.5 metres wide or 3 metres high, to make sure your needs and wishes are met with pinpoint accuracy.

On-site Repairs and Maintenance

A defective machine interrupts your production processes.  The cause?  It often comes down to parts or components wearing out and breaking.  Atelfond will repair all your mechanical machine parts so you can get your machines back on line and your production back on track.  And since prevention is better than cure, Atelfond offers a maintenance service that keeps your entire production fleet in top condition.  We will come to your location and perform the work on-site.  

Would you like to know more about our metal working and on-site repairs and maintenance?  Contact us for more information.

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