What We Do

All Your Metal Machining: Turning, Shaping and Cutting

Metal constructions or machine parts must be made with the utmost precision and accuracy, regardless of how complex they might be to manufacture.  This is why it’s best to call Atelfond for all your metal machining work.  We bore the smallest, deepest and largest holes in line with your needs.  Our CNC-controlled machines create grooves as fine, wide or deep as you need them and turn and shape corners and curves with the utmost precision.  Atelfond makes every piece of work or mechanical component completely according to plan.  And guarantees you the highest quality and the best finishing.

Your Metal Machining: Quickly and Efficiently

Do you need machine parts or components?  Perhaps you’re looking to have steel constructions made to order?  Our CNC-controlled metal working machines will turn, shape and cut any mechanical part or component, or any other steel constructions, with complete efficiency, no matter how large or detailed they might be, whether you want them built new, or repaired.   And if you’re looking for maintenance to keep everything in top working condition?  No problem.  We will take care of all your metal working and machining.  Including welding.  The biggest benefit for you?  The enormous amount of time you’ll save!

Would you like to know how Atelfond can meet your machining or metal working needs?  We are just a phone call away!